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How can SumoGlove:
Increase Safety, Reduce Damage & Reduce Downtime?

Increase Safety

Worksite Employee Safety

Increase Employee Safety

Fork lifts areas remain statistically the most dangerous zone in the work place.  The Forks themselves are the trigger for many work site injures.

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Reduce Damage

Reduce Inventory Damage

Reduce Transfer Damage

Less damage to product inventory, pallets and racking systems can become a reduced loss factor in your warehouse logistics financial models.

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Reduce Downtime

Reduce Related Downtime

Reduce Related Downtime

Less damage equates to less re-stacking, removal downtime and cleanup; if containers & pallets remain undamaged, you have a more efficient product management system.

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We have been using the Sumo Impact Reduction System since the middle of 2008 and have effectively reduce fork tip damage to our products to Zero.

Damage caused by fork tip damage used to equate to an average of $500 per incident, so by fitting the Sumo Glove product they pay for themselves every time they are used.

Roger Rustom MIIRSM , Health & Safety Adviser | Kodak Limited

We trial fitted three sets of Sumo gloves on our busiest Fork Lift Trucks and found that stab damage reduced by almost $1200 a week. So we had our maintenance staff trained in fitting gloves, and now hold Sumo gloves as stock items.
If you have a need to reduce stab and drag damage, or have better visibility of the fork ends, or need to push items carefully, then I would say try them for yourselves and just reap the benefits.

Mr A. Stokes, Former Production Engineer

Sumoglove International US

From Conversation to Implementation.


Our initial conversation will be all about your materials handling needs, challenges and targeted implementation timeline.


Our focus is your priority for increasing safety and damage control; we develop a plan for implementation.

3. Quoting

We are aware that budgetary timelines and consideration are often directly related to warehouse efficiency.

4. Installation

Our certified technicians will schedule with your site to install our Engineered product on your equipment.

5. Utilization

You can now drastically reduce damage to products, packaging, and property and improve personal safety in the workplace.

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North American Service Questions

We can help, we make it easy!

North American Service Questions

Give us a call or send an email.  We’re easy to reach  and we will answer any product or installation questions you may have.

North American Partnership Info

Do you represent an authorized forklift repair company?

North American Partnership Info

If you are part of an authorized forklift repair company, talk to us about product placement or representation opportunities.

Sumoglove International US

From Conversation to Implementation;
let’s get started.

At Sumo Glove US we make it easy.. The SUMO Glove is a safety product which is set to be the catalyst for change and has proved to significantly reduce these damage related costs and enhance Health and Safety provisions.

Made of an industrial grade polyurethane, the SUMO Glove is bonded to the forks and replaces the hard steel with a material that has a unique cushioning effect, designed to greatly reduce product pallet and racking damage while enhancing safety without affecting the operation effectiveness of the truck.

  • SumoGlove is the only patented product in the world designed specifically for damage protection from the tines of fork lift trucks.
  • SumoGlove in all cases has shown to drastically reduce damage to product, packaging, and property and improve personal safety in the workplace.
  • SumoGlove can improve environmental sustainability figures.
  • SumoGlove can be easily installed on site.

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